Hi 🙂

Are you liking my webpage so far?

Today i have for you another greatest love, MUSIC !!!

Music is everything, it makes you feell in more than 1000 different ways, just by changing the song, ritm, language, theme, the place where you are listening….

Music is present in ours lifes since the beggining , in most important moments, the saddest ones, the happy ones, the love ones, and many many more.

Because of all that, Music is one of my greatest loves.

Is it one of yours too?

Lukas Graham has been part of my daily life lately.

What have you been listening to?




Every time i think about food, i remember amazing things….

Food is like a wake up call, every time i try new things, i think ” is this possible? i had never tasted nothing so good”

Food is an important part of our life, you use food as an excuse for many things – get out, meet with friends, family, meet new places …

But, most of all, food is one of my greatest loves because it´s simply amazing. I love to eat !!!

And you?


I bet you were thinking when i gonna talk about this 😛

What is the thing that everyone loves the most?

…… Travels of course……

And i´m not different, i love travel, know new things, experiences, persons, places, animals, cultures….

Everything is wonderful when i´m traveling 🙂

And you? Do you like it?


Hello again 🙂

Did you think about last post?

Today i bring to you a new one that i think everyone will agree with.

Family right?

What are we without our family? They are our safe harbor.

Family sometimes is a pain in the ass, but… most of the time they are all we have, and they are the greatest.

For how much we complain, we love them with all our heart, and for sure family is one of our greatest loves.

What do you think? Do you agree?


What is your greatest love?


Are your ready for the first post?

I´ve been thinking for a while about this, and asking my self what is my greatest love. Imagine, i can´t figure it out !!!!

So i decide to share with you all my greatest loves 😀 I hope you like it.

Let´s start with the first one that came to my head.

My dog, my lovely, friendly dog, who is always there for me.

Aren´t dogs amazing?

They understand everything, or at least, they seem to. They are always there, they are never upset with us, even if you are with them. They are always waiting for you, who does that in your life? think about it.

For many many reasons, my dog is one of the greatest loves.

What´s yours?

Hello :)

Welcome to my webpage 🙂

I´ve always dreamed with the day i´m writing a blog where i can share my feelings, thoughts, motivations, the things i love the most, etc… Today is the day !!!!

In a few words i would like to explain you the name of this page – Amor Maior

I came from a Portuguese family, and in portuguese Amor Maior means the Greatest Love. So i thought…..

If i gonna talk about all my favorite things and greatest loves, i should talk about the portugueses too. This is mi way to have Portugal always with me in this page 🙂

I hope you like it!!!